Speaking at Midwest Management Summit in November

MMS180x1501The Midwest Management Summit (MMS) will be the community event of the year, organized by and for the community! Right after the MVP Summit which is held the first week of November in Seattle I will fly to Minnesota to present at least three sessions at MMS. Be sure to attend this highly educational event with alot’s of Microsoft MVP’s and experts that will come over to share their knowledge with the attendees! Get your ticket here now! ( http://mms.mnscug.org )

Currently I will be (co-) presenting the following three sessions;

Master your Mac OS X Devices with ConfigMgr 2012 R2, Chris Nackers, Peter Daalmans and Yury Averkiev (Parallels)

Learn how to use System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager to manage those sexy Apple Mac OS X devices. Learn how to deploy your Configuration Manager clients, wrap and deploy software and manage your OS X environment with Compliance Settings. A demo packed session with lot’s of tips and tricks along the way. Also we will have a look at the Parallels Mac Management for SCCM plugin for Configuration Manager 2012 R2 .

Learn how to manage and control your Mac OS X devices with Configuration Manager 2012 R2. Learn and see how you can master your Mac OS X devices with simple scripts and Compliance Settings.

How to Extend the App Model to Support your User Centric XenDesktop in the Data Center, Kenny Buntinx and Peter Daalmans

In this demo-packed session, Enterprise Client MVPs Kenny Buntinx and Peter Daalmans will show how Configuration Manager 2012 R2 sits at the heart of the modern data center to support your private VDI and XenApp cloud. Learn during this deep dive how to extend the Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Application Model and how it is able to give your users a rich experience regardless where or how they access the by Configuration Manager provided applications. This session will focus strongly on enabling flexible application deployment in VDI scenarios powered by Microsoft Server 2012, Citrix XenDeskop and App-V. Expect the unexpected!

Learn how you are able to extend ConfigMgr to be able to manage your SBC / VDI farms.

Get MMS at right at home every month!, with lots of Local Community Leads

Join regional user group leaders and MVPs as they share with you how to get the same value you are getting right now from this conference right at home each month. This conference is actually just a big user group run by the same people. These speakers built user groups years ago which have grown into monthly local conferences where they fly in well-known speakers while feeding members food and beer!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Start a new group or grow your own so that it won’t cost you or your members a penny
  • Learn and share information to help you get your job done and excel in it
  • Hold regular meetings where folks get to learn how others get the job done
  • Find sponsors to pay for food & beer for the meetings
  • Get your website going for free
  • Balance sponsor time with non-sales time
  • Expand your membership and find more people
  • Get free Office 365 for your group
  • Get locals to become involved and feel ownership in the group
  • Figure out when and where to meet
  • Decide how often to meet
  • Adapt and grow

You really need to understand the value a local user group can bring to your home town and how it can enhance your standing in the community. You’ll see this session held in a user-group format. No need to wait until next year’s MMS!

Again be sure to join us at this community event of the year!


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