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msemsbook-ver1The last year my buddy Kent Agerlund and me have been working on a brand new book about the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite.

After hard work we were able to finally present our new book at the Midwest Management Summit earlier this week! So proud to be able to hold my third book finally in the hand 🙂

Luckily we were able to give away books to the attendees of the EMS Hands On Labs and several other attendees of the conference! I hope you will all like the book and that it helps you to successfully implement a standalone or hybrid EMS environment..


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BLOG-1000070This week I added a Microsoft Intune license to an existing Office 365 tenant. On this Office 365 tenant the Intune Mobile Device Management features in Office 365 were enabled and configured. After adding the Microsoft Intune license I looked at starting to configure the service and set the Mobile Device Management Authority.

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Last month Microsoft announced that build-in MDM features, powered by Microsoft Intune became general available in Office 365. After waiting for Mobile Device Management to be provisioned for a couple of days/weeks, my tenant was finally provisioned last night.mdm-provisioning
Looking in the Mobile Devices node learned me that since I also have licenses for Microsoft Intune that the basic MDM functionality is not available in Office 365. Which is pretty cool if you ask me, this way the “Exchange Admin” who is probably in a different team is aware of the fact that the company has also Microsoft Intune to manage the Mobile Devices.

Accessing the Mobile Devices page will give you the following message; You don’t need to set up Mobile Device Management for Office 365 because your organization is already protected by Microsoft Intune.

Learn more on the MDM features in Office 365 here, when my Office 365 standalone tenant is provisioned with MDM features I definitely blog about the available features.

BLOG-1000070Earlier this week I described how to enable Multi Factor Authentication for Microsoft Intune via Office 365. In a (Twitter) conversation with EMS Technical Evangelist Simon May I learned that there are some differences between the MFA implementation for Microsoft Intune and Office 365.

Let’s have a look at what the differences are.

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BLOG-1000070Today I was playing with my Office 365 subscription and I noticed that there is an option to enable the free Multi Factor authentication option. Office 365 supports MFA since February this year. TechNet states that Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365 (powered by Azure Multi-Factor Authentication) works exclusively with Office 365 applications and that it is managed from the Office 365 portal. But after enabling this option for one of my users, it was also enabled while logging on to the Microsoft Intune portal. Very logical if you ask me since they share the same users.

Update: Since last week MFA is also available in Microsoft Intune, the only thing is that this option is only visible (in a different location) in Microsoft Intune standalone, not when you are using Configuration Manager 2012 R2 to manage your mobile devices. (Thanks Simon)

Let’s see how this works when using Microsoft Intune in a hybrid scenario.

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