BLOG-1000070In my last blog I pointed out the Microsoft Intune Managed Browser, this is pretty cool. But only if users are forced to use this managed browser instead of any other browser that can be installed. What we can do is the following, disabling the Allow web browser option and optionally the Allow Application store in the Mobile Device Security Policy Template.

The last one will you need if you do not want to allow the users to install Chrome of another browser to bypass this policy.

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managedbrowser00We have waited for a long time before that the Microsoft Intune Managed Browser was released for iOS, apparently Apple finally approved the application and it is now available in the iTunes app store. With the Microsoft Intune Managed Browser you are able to manage which websites can be browsed to via the managed browser by setting up a list of websites that are allowed or blocked.

Let’s see how this works.

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BLOG-1000070Next week Microsoft will be updating the Microsoft Intune service again, as announced yesterday by the Microsoft Intune team. The update will be done between 20/04/2015 and 23/04/2015.

New Intune standalone (cloud only) features that will be made available as part of this update include:



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intuneLooking at the Microsoft Intune notifications learns us that two support statements are released this week.

Company Portal Support for iOS

In approximately 60 days, there will be an update for the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app for iOS that will only be supported by iOS versions 7.1 or above. After this update, users will not be able to enroll new devices that are running on unsupported iOS versions 7.0 or below. Users who have already enrolled devices running on an unsupported version of iOS will continue being able to use the Company Portal app that is on their device. However, they will be required to upgrade to iOS 7.1 or above to gain access to the latest versions of the Company Portal app. We encourage you to notify users to migrate to iOS 7.1 or above to take full advantage of new Intune features.

Company Portal Website Device Enrollment

In approximately 90 days, the Microsoft Intune Company Portal website will be updated to no longer support iOS device enrollment. When users attempt to enroll through the Company Portal website, users will be redirected to enroll through the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app for iOS.

Above is also valid when using Microsoft Intune in a hybrid environment.

msemsWhen setting up an Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) environment and you want to use your own Active Directory domain you definitely need to setup synchronization services with Azure AD. Where we needed to setup DirSync in the past we now need to install and configure the successor Azure AD Sync or the Azure AD Connect synchronization service. You can do this by downloading this tool or by downloading Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect which is still in preview but does a really great job in simplifying the setup process. Let’s have a look.

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The Easter weekend ended very great after getting two sessions at IT/Dev Connections approved. IT/Dev Connections will be held like last year in the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, the place where more than 1.500 IT Pros will be learning all about SQL, Exchange, Windows, System Center, Azure, Intune, EMS and more :) The place to be in September if you ask me.


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BLOG-1000070Just a quick blog to let you know that currently the Microsoft Intune service is being updated. The new version is 5.0.5052.0. Keep track on the versions here.

:) Time to have weekend again, of course Conditional Access for Exchange on premise was already available in Microsoft Intune since December. Read more here.

If I find more new features I will definitely add this to my blog.

Till next time!

Every quarter Microsoft awards community leaders around the world with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award. Every first of April I am up for renewal, today I received the (most wanted) email that I have received the Microsoft MVP Award for the fourth time in a row. So cool and honored that I have received this award again and that I am part of the Enterprise Client Management (Configuration Manager / Windows Intune / EMS) community! Thanks to all of you that visit my blog, attending my sessions and providing me from feedback, without you this wasn’t even possible!


briforum_europe_logoIn the next couple of months I will be speaking at two great events. On the 19th of May I will be speaking at BriForum Londen. In London I will be presenting a session together with Kenny Buntinx with the subject “How to Get Started With The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite“. Great speakers are lined up during this two day conference.

If you want to join us in London use my code FRIENDOFSPKR15  for 20% off the full registration price. If you register before 31 March, you will receive an additional £65 off your already discounted registration. Register via this link to get the discount!


On Monday the 20th of July I will be presenting my session about Mastering your Mac OS X Operating System with Configuration Manager 2012 R2 at BriForum Denver.

If you want to join me at BriForum 2015, July 20-22 in Denver, CO. Use my code FRIENDOFSPKR15 for 20% off the full registration price. If you register before March 31, you will receive an additional $100 off your already discounted registration. Register via this link to get the discount.

What a great honor to be invited at both events, already looking forward to May and July!

Hope to see and meet you there!

BLOG-1000070While writing my last blog I realized myself that in Microsoft Intune, where the Mobile Device Management Authority has been set to Configuration Manager, objects of devices and users were also appearing in Microsoft Intune. Correct me if I am wrong, but earlier this was not the case. Let’s see why those objects are now also in Microsoft Intune.

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BLOG-1000140Yesterday announced and today a new Intune Extension for Configuration Manager 2012 R2 was available. The extension enables us to set up conditional access for customers using Exchange Online, you are able to restrict Exchange ActiveSync for users that have their devices enrolled.

Let’s see how this works together with Exchange Online.

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