BLOG-1000070A quick non technical blog to start the day with! Yesterday Microsoft announced that the licensing model around the Enterprise Mobility Suite is going to be changed on March the first, until now EMS is part of the Enterprise Agreement. As from next week the Enterprise Mobility Suite will also be available via the Open License model! This opens doors for a lot of customers to be able to use the Enterprise Mobility Suite. Early March, Microsoft Action Pack subscribers, along with Silver and Gold competency partners, will receive access to EMS and Azure AD Basic as part of their Internal Use Rights benefits. So this is really great news!

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A for your info blog. ;) As I guess many IT-Pros are using the new Windows 10 builds daily to test the new great Operating System. Same here, I know we are not really supposed to do that but in a way it is eat your own dog food ;) and you are able to give good feedback while using it on a daily basis! A couple of weeks ago one of my colleagues wanted to push the Configuration Manager 2012 R2 client after I had tested enrolling Windows 10 into Microsoft Intune, but for some reason he was not able to push it.

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BLOG-1000070This morning Microsoft announced the February update for Microsoft Intune. The following new features are currently rolled out throughout the datacenters in the different continents. The service will be updated between February 6 and February 11.

Further Microsoft plans to add new features to Microsoft Intune on a monthly basis, so lot’s of more features to Microsoft Intune are coming rapidly!

The following features are updated/added;

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Windows_10_Logo_svgSince I have installed my Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview on my laptop I wanted to know if I was able to manage the device (which is domain joined) by enrolling it via Microsoft Intune that is connected with Configuration Manager 2012 R2. Just a quick blog about how the enrolling experience looks within Windows 10 and Configuration Manager 2012 R2.

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Speaking at SCUG Belgium ECM Day 2015

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ECMDay2015-SysCtr-SpeakerOn March the 5th I am invited to speak at the Enterprise Client Management Day 2015 organized by the System Center User Group Belgium.

The guys from the SCUG BE have created a really great line up for the ECM Day in Antwerp!

So join Enterprise Client Management MVP’s Nico Sienaert, Kent Agerlund, Kaido Järvemets, Tim  De Keukelaere,  Kenny Buntinx, Kim Oppalfens and me in Antwerp and learn all about managing clients in the Enterprise with Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager.

Get your ticket here!

Hope to see you in Antwerp!



BLOG-1000070In the last three blogs we talked about Microsoft Intune Application Layer protection, in the first blog of this series we looked at what the features of Microsoft Intune App-Layer protection are, in the second blog we wrapped a custom application with the Microsoft Intune Application Wrapper and in the last blog we looked at how you are able to manage your own Line Of Business application.

In this webcast which you find below I will demo the last blog.

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BLOG-1000070In the first blog of this series we looked at what the features of Microsoft Intune App-Layer protection are, in the second blog we wrapped a custom application with the Microsoft Intune Application Wrapper. So now that we have a custom application and an application enabled for management via Microsoft Intune that we are able to deploy them via Microsoft Intune and see the different behavior of the same application.

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sccm2012-logoThis time not really a technical blog but a short story about what happens if IT people don’t talk to each other. A month or so ago a customer of mine emailed me describing an issue that OS Deployment was suddenly not working anymore. In the morning it was still working and during the afternoon it was not. For some reason WindowsPE could not be found on any distribution point.

After some digging around by the client, apparently the Active Directory Team renamed the Active Directory sites in their environment without telling the rest of their colleagues. So this behavior is indeed very logical because the actual AD site in which the client computer is in, is not known by Configuration Manager. Let’s see how this process works.

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BLOG-1000070In the first blog about the Microsoft Intune App-layer protection, one of the supported features is that you are able to wrap your own applications with the Microsoft Intune App Wrapping Tool for iOS so that you are able to manage those applications with the Mobile Application Management policies. In this second blog in the series, we will have a look at the Microsoft Intune App Wrapping Tool for iOS.

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The year 2015 starts well! Yesterday Simon May released four Enterprise Mobility virtual labs on TechNet. Those four virtual labs allows you to get experience with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite. Those four labs are:

Have fun learning, 2015 is going to be great! :)