Microsoft is going strong! During the May update of Microsoft Intune lot’s of new features arrived in the service. The new version of Microsoft Intune is: 5.0.5161.0. In the Administration Overview of the Microsoft Intune console you are able to see the current version and see if your tenant has been updated.

During the past week the following is added;


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briforumlondonLast week I was invited to present one session at BriForum London. BriForum is all about end-user computing as they on the website: “We live, eat and breathe at the point where end users intersect with enterprise IT technology”. A very nice conference and setup about virtualization, VDI, enterprise mobility, DaaS platforms and much more, held for the 17th time.

BriForum gives you an opportunity to interact with the speakers and fellow IT Pro’s that are attending the 30+ sessions during the two days that BriForum is happening.

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mam-sccm-00A couple of months ago I wrote a series of blogs about the Mobile Application Management Policies in Microsoft Intune. With the release of Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP1 lot’s of new features arrived in Configuration Manager.

Both Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager 2012 have the same Mobile Device Management features now. More on the new features in later blogs, today I want to focus on the Mobile Application Management Policies in Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP1.

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BLOG-1000070This week I added a Microsoft Intune license to an existing Office 365 tenant. On this Office 365 tenant the Intune Mobile Device Management features in Office 365 were enabled and configured. After adding the Microsoft Intune license I looked at starting to configure the service and set the Mobile Device Management Authority.

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briforum-bioIn the next two months I will be speaking at several conferences and a user group meeting, time to make some noise about those great events.

Here is my calendar, if you want to join me at one or more of the events be sure to follow the links and get a ticket. (don’t forget to say hi 😉 )

Look here if you want to see all the currently scheduled events.

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In an earlier blog I showed you that Azure Active Directory Connect is the successor of DirSync and AADSync, both are still supported but will be replaced in the future. So while being in the process of preparing my Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite session at BriForum this month I wanted to upgrade to the latest and greatest. So how do we upgrade DirSync to AAD Connect?

Let’s have a look, the Product Group made it so easy that it is almost Next, Next Finish. :)

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office365-mdm-01Like mentioned earlier Microsoft is in the process of rolling out (basic) Intune Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management support in Office 365. In an earlier blog I quickly showed what happens if your tenant is also enrolled into Microsoft Intune.

After the MDM functionality are provisioned in your tenant you should see the Mobile Devices node in the Office 365 admin center. If not then you may want to look into the following:

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Busy times while Ignite is going forward. Yesterday the Configuration Manager team released Cumulative Update 5 for Configuration Manager 2012 R2.

This bundle of updates/fixes will fix issues in the following areas;

  • Reporting
  • Software Distribution and application management
  • Site servers and site systems
  • Client
  • Operating system deployment
  • Endpoint Protection

The new version of Configuration Manager is 5.0.7958.1604 and the Endpoint Protection client will have 4.7.0209.0 as the new version. It can be downloaded here.

Last month Microsoft announced that build-in MDM features, powered by Microsoft Intune became general available in Office 365. After waiting for Mobile Device Management to be provisioned for a couple of days/weeks, my tenant was finally provisioned last night.mdm-provisioning
Looking in the Mobile Devices node learned me that since I also have licenses for Microsoft Intune that the basic MDM functionality is not available in Office 365. Which is pretty cool if you ask me, this way the “Exchange Admin” who is probably in a different team is aware of the fact that the company has also Microsoft Intune to manage the Mobile Devices.

Accessing the Mobile Devices page will give you the following message; You don’t need to set up Mobile Device Management for Office 365 because your organization is already protected by Microsoft Intune.

Learn more on the MDM features in Office 365 here, when my Office 365 standalone tenant is provisioned with MDM features I definitely blog about the available features.

rbaTogether with some customers of mine we are testing and implementing Microsoft Intune connected with Configuration Manager 2012 R2 (hybrid scenario). Regardless of the fact the Configuration Manager 2012 R2 is managed by the Configuration Manager admins they want to be able to give certain employees (admins) of their company only permissions to manage only the mobile devices and configuring and deploying settings and profiles for those devices. To be able to do this we need to use the Role Based Administration feature in Configuration Manager, we would be able to use some of the default roles but I created a couple that combine everything we need.

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BLOG-1000070In my last blog I pointed out the Microsoft Intune Managed Browser, this is pretty cool. But only if users are forced to use this managed browser instead of any other browser that can be installed. What we can do is the following, disabling the Allow web browser option and optionally the Allow Application store in the Mobile Device Security Policy Template.

The last one will you need if you do not want to allow the users to install Chrome of another browser to bypass this policy.

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