Passcode Reset and Remote Lock via Windows Intune

Windows-Intune-3While preparing my Windows IT Pro Microsoft’s Mobility Options in Exchange, Configuration Manager & Windows Intune sessions I noticed in Windows Intune something that I haven’t seen before. Besides locking your mobile devices down with settings, installing apps and wiping in the device you are now also able to reset the passcode of a mobile device or lock it remotely with Windows Intune.

The two options in Windows Intune
The two options in Windows Intune

Let’s quickly look at how this works. When selecting the Remote Lock feature the mobile phone is automatically locked and the user need to reenter their passcode. This may be handy if you or a user has lost their (unlocked) mobile device. After remotely locking it you will see a notice of when the mobile device is remotely locked.

Last Device Lock time
Last Remote Lock issues on..

Another feature is to reset the passcode of the mobile device, this can be handy when a user has lost their passcode. Selecting this option will result in the fact that the password will be reseted to a very strong passcode like shown in the figure below. (&Xa;%.dA;i) After unlocking the users device, the user is able to reset their passcode to something less complex 😉

Last Device Lock time
Last Passcode reset and the temporary passcode generated by Windows Intune

For iOS devices, the passcode will be removed from the device and no new temporary passcode will be applied.  Some device types cannot issue a passcode reset.

I have tested the features with Android and both are applied instantly. Two cool features if you ask me which are currently only available in Windows Intune, would be nice to see those also become available in Configuration Manager 2012 R2. 😉


  1. Hi Peter,

    First at all, I would like to thank you for your blog … It’s insane that Microsoft not provide us the same type of informacion about SCCM and INTUNE integration in particular, which it is a topic almost not documented !!!!.. :S

    I would like to know if you have any news about SCCM 2012 R2 and INTUNE integrated, regarding the option to Passcode Reset (specifically for Android device).

    I have 20 Android’s devices into SCCM and I need a way to recover,reset or view the Passcode for this devices if the user forgotten this. I can’t find any option or workaround to accomplish this.

    Again, thanks a lot for all the help you provides in your blog and I hope you can help me with this issue.

    WFT: Sorry for my awful English!!!

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