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One of the incentives of receiving a Microsoft MVP Award is that you are able to visit the MVP Global Summit. For the first time I will  be attending this week the MVP Global Summit in Seattle. During the week we will be having lot’s of sessions with the Configuration Manager Product Team. Our week with the Product Team will be packed, five days full of sessions. Since I am not be able to write about the content of the sessions I will write this week about the other things that are happening in Seattle, Bellevue and Redmond. 😉


For many MVPs (half the plane?) flying through London Heathrow to Seattle it was a long day since they had to switch planes, due to a discovered defect after takeoff. They weren’t able to pressurize the cabin after takeoff, so we had to dump some fuel above the sea and headed back to London Heathrow. A good thing about going back was the fact that there was time to catch up with and meeting some other MVPs after leaving the plane. After a five-hour delay we got another plane and we were off to Seattle. So with a five hour delay we arrived at the Seattle airport and checked in at the Hyatt in Bellevue.

Losing some fuel above the Brithish channel
Losing some fuel above the Brithish channel

Tonight we will have a diner with most of the Configuration Manager MVPs that are here and Wally Mead, godfather of SMS/ConfigMgr and our MVP lead from within the Product Team. Before that it is going to be an easy day for me, others are heading of to the mountains to ski or do other things, like shopping in the Microsoft Store. (no I did not (yet) buy a Windows Surface Pro 😉 )

Till later..


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