The installation on node CCR-Node2 is inconsistent

Last night I had to upgrade an Exchange 2007 CCR cluster to the latest Service Pack 3. Following the steps below, this error occurred while executing step 4.

The installation on node ‘CCR-Node2’ is inconsistent.
ConfiguredVersion =, = UnpackedVersion. An upgrade might not have completed successfully.

While following the plan beneath the installation of Service Pack 3 was indeed not finished correctly, because of the fact that the Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology service whas not started in the timely fashion.

  1. Upgrade the passive node CCR-Node2 to Service Pack 3 with /mode:upgrade
  2. Restart CCR-Node2
  3. Stop the Clustered Mailbox Server with stop-clusteredmailboxserver CCR-MBX -stopreason “update to E2k7 SP3”
    You will have downtime from now on!
  4. Move the Clustered Mailbox Server to the passive node CCR-Node2 with Move-clusteredmailboxserver CCR-MBX -targetmachine CCR-Node2 -movecomment “update to E2K7 SP3”
  5. Upgrade the Clustered Mailbox Server with /upgradecms
  6. Bring the Clustered Mailbox Server online with start-clusteredmailboxserver CCR-MBX
  7. Upgrade the passive node CCR-Node1 to Service Pack 3 with /mode:upgrade
  8. Restart CCR-Node1

To fix the “The installation on node ‘CCR-Node2’ is inconsistent.” error was just to finish the upgrade of the passive node in step 1. After starting the services the Exchange setup will also upgrade the Exchange Management Console.

Lesson learned is that you always need to finish the installation of the service pack, this can also be an earlier service pack or installation that went wrong. Don’t hack the registry to get the values right or totally uninstall Exchange if you didn’t try finishing the installation of Exchange or a Service Pack.


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