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Cumulative Update 4 for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Service Pack 1 has been just released. CU4 will fix some issues related to the following areas:

  • Software Distribution
  • Operating System Deployment
  • Administrator Console
  • Application Virtualization
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Site Server

This cumulative update will replace Cumulative Update 3 for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Service Pack 1.

The Setup will also create a Software Update Catalog for the update which you can use to deploy via SCUP and Configuration Manager 2012.

Download the update here.

sup-script-03While being in the process of migrating Windows Software Update Services 3.x to Configuration Manager 2012 you have only one really supported solution, namely adding all approved software updates to Software Update Group manually. This is a lot of work when being in an environment that was operational for years and years with lots of products and approved updates. Just adding all updates isn’t an option either since all approved and declined updates are tested throughout the years. When looking on the Internet for a workaround I came across this workaround for Configuration Manager 2007.

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The Offline Servicing for custom Windows images feature in Configuration Manager 2012 allows you to install Software Updates offline, like described in an earlier blog. From the Configuration Manager 2012 there is no option to remove installed the software update. But there is a way, let’s see if it the right way;)

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I came across an old issue that is still there when installing Software Updates during the Operating System Deployment process. This is what happens, when there are too many Software Updates available for installation, the deployment process can hang while “Waiting for job status notification”. This issue can occur in while deploying Windows 7 via Configuration Manager 2007 but also with Configuration Manager 2012. It is a Windows 7 issue, nevertheless Configuration Manager 2012 has a nice feature to overcome this issue.

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This week I was triggered by a question on the support forum of the Configuration Manager 2012 CEP about a nice new feature in Configuration Manager 2012. With Configuration Manager 2012 you are able to service your OS Images by integrating the latest Software Updates from the Configuration Manager Console. Let’s see how this works.

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Today it was again time for the biweekly Community Evaluation Session again, this time the subject was Software Update Management in Configuration Manager 2012. Since the session was already held in January this year, most of the session of today covered foremost the changes since the last time the session was held. During the beginning of the session I noticed that the GUI was a little bit changed.

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