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After reviewing 2016 and looking forward to 2017 I noticed today that the Kindle version of my new book Mastering System Center Configuration is available now! What a good way to start 2017! 🙂 I wrote this book together with Brett Bennet and Santos Martinez, two Premier Field Engineers of Microsoft.

The book is completely updated for Current Branch and will help you while working or implementing System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch.

Have a look and get your copy here now! 🙂

cloudgateway-01Yesterday the ConfigMgr Product Group released ConfigMgr Current Branch 1610 to the fast channel. As part of this new version of ConfigMgr a new feature is released in preview.

This feature allows you to eliminate the fairly complex infrastructure that allows you to support the Internet based clients. This new feature is called the Cloud Management Gateway.

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cb-upgrade-01While writing my chapters for the new Mastering System Center Configuration Manager book for Sybex I always create a lab infrastructure with one Central Administration Site (CAS), two Primary Sites and one Secondary Site.

Always a nice environment to test different scenarios to write about. Let’s today have a look how upgrade to the newly released version of Configuration Manager 1602 works and see how freaking easy this is.


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xendesktop-000In my lab environment I am using the Citrix XenDesktop 7.x Connector to manage my Citrix farm. Since the release of the new System Center Configuration Manager 1511 I wanted to upgrade my environment, but I was unable to do so.

Due to a bug in the connector, the XenDesktop related collections are created with a wrong value of the CollectionType property. The Citrix Connector creates collections with the CollectionType property equals 0 (zero) instead of 2 for Device Collections. (User Collections have a CollectionType equals 1).

The Upgrade to Configuration Manager 1511 is failing due to the fact that the collections exist with the CollectionType equals zero. Let’s see how you are able to fix this in a lab environment.

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vnext00The end of the year is nearly there, Vnext of System Center Configuration Manager will be shipped before the end of the year as promised.

So it is time to have a look at some of the nice features that System Center Configuration Manager 2016 will bring. In this blog we will have a look at the new updates and servicing feature of Configuration Manager.

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It’s that time of the month again, in the next couple of days (October 28 until November 6) new features are added to Microsoft Intune. This months headlines are the following:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise data protection (EDP) configuration policies (deploy EDP policies to Windows 10 Enterprise devices)
  • Universal Windows Apps (deploy and install Windows Universal apps on Windows 10 devices)
  • Updated Intune Company Portal app for iOS (couple of updates to the company portal for iOS)

Also support for the new Android version is being added to Microsoft Intune.

See for a complete list of Microsoft Intune updates this link and Hybrid updates this link!

Since the release of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, I often heard people talking about the fact the Configuration Manager was dead, that 2012 was the last release and that Intune was going to be the near future. Every time I tried to explain that in my opinion Microsoft would not risk their very huge marketshare and the number one position in Client Management space. Yesterday Brad Anderson and his ConfigMgr Team (by Aaron Czechowski) explained the bright future of System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM / ConfigMgr). Configuration Manager is alive and kicking and it is going to be ready for the future!

In the past Microsoft released every X number of years a major release of, like with Windows Configuration Manager will transition to a servicing model where updates to the product come more frequently without the need to perform complex upgrades or migrations of existing Configuration Manager sites. Via the servicing model the Product Team is able to add new features and fixes more quickly, this way ConfigMgr is ready for the future and able to react quickly on the changes in the very fast moving client management and enterprise mobility space. Really cool if you ask me! This change means that there will be no System Center Configuration Manager 2016 but just System Center Configuration Manager.

Also Aaron explained yesterday the how and when Windows 10 will be supported have a look and notice that in SCCM (vnext) the Configuration Manager Application Catalog and Software Center will finally be combined.

Read the complete blog about the updates and Windows 10 support of Aaron here.

Looking forward to the MVP summit next week and the sessions at MMS!