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dell-dpt-00Last week I came in the situation that I needed to test and use the Dell Server Deployment Pack for the first time. Part of the Dell Server Deployment Pack is the Dell PowerEdge Server Driver Package Import Wizard. This wizard helps you import driver packages based on operating system for a Dell PowerEdge system. Also part of this Pack is the ability to create special boot images and the ability of using special support scripts. Because of the fact that the customer is still on ConfigMgr 2007 SP2 R3 this blog is based on the ConfigMgr 2007 version. The Dell PowerEdge Server Package Import Wizard is also available for ConfigMgr 2012, more on this in a later blog.

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In earlier blogs I described and showed you the overall process of migrating Configuration Manager 2007 to Configuration Manager 2012. In this blog I would like to point out the great migration feature: “Automatically upgrading of Distribution Points”.
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Today an interesting Community Evaluation Program session held by Chris Adams, Group Program Manager of the Configuration Manager 2012 team, about the package Conversion and Physical to Virtual Migration Toolkit for Configuration Manager 2012. First news was the fact that “CM CEP leader” Jeff Wettlaufer is leaving Microsoft to join RES Software. Good luck Jeff, we will see you arround at RES!

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Did you ever lost control of your Configuration Manager 2007 environment after you changed the Configuration Manager server from domains. I did, in my test lab. Silly me 😉 I changed the server from domains, corrected the SQL permissions on the Configuration Manager database but the Site Management in the Configuration Manager Console was empty and stayed empty. Also after performing a site reset. But lazy as I am, I didn’t want to re-add the server to the old domain to give the local administrator access to Configuration Manager, so I had to find an other way to get access again.

Except for the old domain users that had access to the Configuration Manager site, the Network Service and System account had full access to the Configuration Manager site. Just creating users or cloning them wasn’t possible since I did’t have the permissions for it. Finally I found a forum item from someone that suggesting that you should start the Configuration Manager Console with the System Account. Windows 2008 doesn’t allow you to interactively start for instance the Command Prompt with the System Account, so the PSEXEC tool from Sysinternals was a good alternative 😉

With the command below you are able to start the Command Prompt as the System User of the server.

psexec -i -d -s c:windowssystem32cmd.exe

After you start the command prompt, you are able to start the Configuration Manager Console and give yourself access to Configuration Manager 2007 again 🙂

During the Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, Deployment guru Johan Arwidmark had a session about troubleshooting Configuration Manager 2007 OS Deployments. During this session Johan had a couple of nice tips to make the troubleshooting a little bit easier.

One of the tips was adding the “SMS Trace” (trace32.exe) tool to Windows PE and changing the log size of the smsts.log file. Normally this file has a maximum size of 1MB, after the file reaches the maximum size another smsts-<date>.log file will be created. Also this file has a limit of 1 MB and it will rollover when the maximum size is reached. With setting the maximum log size to a higher level no log entries will be lost. Read more

The first day at the Microsoft Management Summit made some one thing clear, System Center is hot! More than 4000 people from all over the world attend MMS and are following sessions about products from the System Center Suite. With 157 breakout sessions and 81 labs, there is allot to learn and allot of people to meet. MMS is the place to network if System Center is your focus.

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One of the nicest features in System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3 is the capability of deploying Operating Systems (OS). You are able to deploy several different versions of the Windows OS. From Windows XP to Windows 7 and from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008R2. While planning for the deployment of an OS, we can address the following scenarios:

  • New Computer scenario (bare metal)

    A new computer right out of the box without any OS on it
  • Replace Computer scenario

    An old computer will be replicaed by a new computer right out of the box without any OS on it. All settings and documents will be transferred from the old computer to the new computer.
  • Refresh Computer scenario

    An Operating System needs to be reinstalled or replaced by a new OS. This scenario can be used for the migration of Windows XP to Windows 7 SP1.

In this movie I would like to show the New Computer Scenario in a Zero-touch way. To be able to build this scenario we brought the following products together:

  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 update 1
  • Windows Deployment Services
  • System Center Configuration Manager 2007-R3
  • Microsoft App-v 4.6

If you would like to have more information about OS Deployments, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

In the following months of this year we will show you some nice new features of products via the IT-Concern Channel on YouTube. After the Microsoft Management Summit we will start with showing you the following:

  • Mydeploy from Winworkers
  • System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3 the Zero Touch experience

And in the following months everything about the next version of ConfigMgr; SCCM 2012 Beta2

Come back and visit this blog or tune in at the IT-Concern Channel!

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Today the 10th theme of the Configuration Manager 2012 CEP was presented by Eric Orman, part of the Configuration Manager product team. This livecast session was about migrating ConfigMgr 2007 to ConfigMgr 2012. In the past the easiest way of migrating SMS 2003 to SCCM 2007 was a side by side migration. With SCCM 2012 things are going to change for the best, the very best 🙂

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This weekend I was flabbergasted by the email I received from Microsoft. The email stated that I was one of the winners of the Microsoft Management Summit 2011 in Las Vegas. 🙂 Since TechEd last year I became part of the Community Evaluation Program of System Center Configuration Manager 2012. Attending Live Meetings and writing blogs about the new version of SCCM enabled me to enter the “Configuration Manager Community Evaluation Program Community Contest”. Thanks everybody @ the CMCEP Team!

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