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force-intune-mb01It took me a while to figure out the Web Clip/Aweb App story on Android devices, on iOS it is easy, you simple get a shortcut/icon pushed to the start screen of the device. For Android you need to add the Company Portal Widget to the start screen of an Android device.

Let’s see how to add the Company Portal Widget with the web clips and see how the web clip is enforced to be opened in the Intune Managed Browser.

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A big wish of a lot of customers came true after the update of Microsoft Intune earlier this week. As from now you are able to force Web Clips (URLS) to use the Intune Managed Browser on Android and iOS devices. So this way you are able to configure corporate websites to use the Managed Browser, which is a great addition to the Intune service if you ask me! 🙂


Require a managed browser to open this link

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BLOG-1000070In my last blog I pointed out the Microsoft Intune Managed Browser, this is pretty cool. But only if users are forced to use this managed browser instead of any other browser that can be installed. What we can do is the following, disabling the Allow web browser option and optionally the Allow Application store in the Mobile Device Security Policy Template.

The last one will you need if you do not want to allow the users to install Chrome of another browser to bypass this policy.

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managedbrowser00We have waited for a long time before that the Microsoft Intune Managed Browser was released for iOS, apparently Apple finally approved the application and it is now available in the iTunes app store. With the Microsoft Intune Managed Browser you are able to manage which websites can be browsed to via the managed browser by setting up a list of websites that are allowed or blocked.

Let’s see how this works.

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