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We have looked in this series of blogs at the architecture, how the integration needs to be configured, and we looked at the admin and end user experience. Next subject is how to enable support for Lookout for Work on iOS devices. (see links to earlier blogs at the bottom of this blog)

It’s a bit different than when using Lookout for Work for Android devices, for Android the app is available in the Google Play store, for iOS the app is not available in the Apple App store.

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It has been a while after I started this blog series about Intune and Lookout. (see at the bottom of this page the earlier blogs)

Today I had finally time to write about the next subject in this series; the end user experience. Since I will dedicate a blog about the iOS version of the app, this blog will only about the experience on Android devices.

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mtp-blog-3-00In the last two blogs we looked at the global overview and the architecture of the solution. In this blog I want to go a bit deeper and have a look how to integrate the two services with each other.

Like said, the Lookout service is currently hosted on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Intune is hosted on Microsoft Intune.

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blog2My last blog I dedicated to the availability of the integration of the Microsoft Intune and Lookout Mobile Threat Protection cloud services.

So have this time have a look at the architecture of the integration, before writing about how to set everything up, the administrative and the end-user experience.

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In June Microsoft and Lookout announced their partnership and bath also announced the integration of Microsoft Intune and Lookout Mobile Threat Protection. In the last couple of months I was able to test and implement this first release of the integration between those two products at my customer in close corporation with the engineers of Lookout and Microsoft.


So in the next couple of blogs I will be describing what the current version of the integration is capable of, how we need to configure it, what the administrator experience is and what the user experience is. Looking at the current integration of both services is a nice addition to the complete Enterprise Mobility +Security proposition of Microsoft and allows you to secure your apps and data to the next level! But first look at why we actually want to integrate Microsoft Intune and Lookout Mobile Threat Protection.

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logos-1Today Microsoft and Lookout announced that Lookout Mobile Threat Protection  is going to be integrated with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite. With Lookout MTP you are able to identify threads in apps, viruses or apps that are threads themselves on platforms like Android and iOS.

Lookout MTP already has integration with MobileIron and Airwatch which allows for instance administrators to automatically place devices in quarantine when a thread is detected and automatically remove it after the thread has being removed. Which is great! The full feature set of the integration is not publicly available yet but I have already seen a bit and I can tell you that this will be a great addition to secure your devices and data while using the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Read the press release of Lookout and Microsoft here and a blog of Lookout here.

As soon as I have more information that I am allowed to share I will definitely share it here on my blog! Keep you posted!